Storage Cabinets

Storage cabinets are a common sight in workspaces all over the world and with office life being so fast-paced and ever-changing, it is important to keep storage cabinets properly maintained and organised in order to ensure they remain an efficient work tool.

Practical steps can be taken to keep every type of storage cabinet in order, whether it is a standard office supply cabinet, an overhead cabinet or something else. There are a number of tips that can help people to ensure their storage cabinets remain organised in the workplace.

What is the storage cabinet for?

To get the most from a storage cabinet it is important to identify precisely how it is going to be used within the workplace. Is it going to be used for the storage of files, company awards, old magazines, office supplies or something else? Is the cabinet intended for one primary function such as office supplies or a variety of different functions? Who will be allowed to gain access to the cabinet? Will it contain sensitive information?

The layout of the storage cabinet will be greatly influenced by the answer to such questions.

How will the storage cabinet be laid out?

Once you know how the storage cabinet is going to be used, you will then be able to work out where particular items can be stored inside the cabinet. It is a good idea to draw possible layouts to determine the most appropriate fit for the requirements of your workplace. RS Components are highly recommended as they have a wide range of options to suit any need.

Moreover, Materials can be dedicated to particular drawers, trays and shelves, with items that are used regularly positioned at arm or eye level, and those used less regularly either above or below. Exercise care when items are being balanced in the storage cabinet, with heavier items going toward the bottom and lighter ones nearer to the top.


The next step is to spend some time on the organisation of the materials that will go in the storage cabinet. Any existing items should be removed to ensure there is plenty of space and gather up any extra items you are intending to store in the storage cabinet. Put like with like, for example putting all files with other files etc.

Items can be replaced into the storage cabinet as is, or storage solutions implemented such as upright folders, trays, boxes, folders and cups to keep everything contained and organised.

Regularly maintain your storage cabinet

A storage cabinet needs to be kept in the best possible condition by performing regular maintenance. Just doing maintenance for a couple of minutes every week can prevent the storage cabinet from becoming cluttered and badly organised.

Do a daily or weekly inspection of the storage cabinet to make sure all of the materials within are in order, and realign, refile or replace as necessary. Never use the storage cabinet as a dumping ground for every type of office material, storing within it only the items that really belong there. Find another storage solution for different items.

A well-organised storage cabinet is an essential tool for many workplaces.

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