How To Top Up Your Bitcoin Wallet

After signing up for a Bitcoin wallet, the next thing you probably want to know is how to top up your Bitcoin wallet. Depositing BTC with a crypto exchange wallet can seem intimidating to beginners, but the procedure is actually quite straightforward.

There are several funding options available through which you can add Bitcoins to your wallet, including credit cards. Bitcoin wallets often support various options for you to buy and sell this valuable digital currency.

Technically speaking, your wallet is a gateway to the Bitcoin network (blockchain). It doesn’t matter whether you use hardware wallets like Ledger Nano X or mobile wallet software – you will still have to be mindful of how you store your private keys.

3 easy ways about how to top up your Bitcoin wallet

1. Nakitcoins exchange

It helps to create a crypto account on a trustworthy and low-cost exchange such as NakitCoins; this Turkish crypto platform allows you to transact in crypto without limits. On NakitCoins, you can top up a Bitcoin account using a credit card.

Credit card purchase is one of the simplest means to top up your Bitcoin wallet; it’s also one of the quickest ways to buy Bitcoin. Since most people already know how to shop online with their credit cards, doing the same for Bitcoin shouldn’t really be that hard.

While buying Bitcoin with credit or debit cards has several advantages, understand that these funding options attract relatively high fees. Moreover, you may not be able to buy large volumes of BTC with your credit card due to banking regulations.

Do you want to top up your wallet on NakitCoins? You can do it here.

2. Coinmama

If you have a Bitcoin wallet with Coinmama, you can also buy Bitcoins with your debit or credit card as well as a SEPA bank account. Simply state the amount of crypto you want to buy and input your payment details.

Every Bitcoin wallet comes with a public key and a private key, consisting of long strings of numbers and letters. Your public key is visible to other parties on the blockchain, and that’s what you use to receive funds to your wallet. In essence, the private key is your password to your Bitcoin wallet.

How to do top up your Bitcoin wallet on Coinmama

To top your Bitcoin wallet, you will have to enter your wallet address for Coinmama to transfer the coins to your account. After that, confirm your wallet address via email and wait for Coinmama to top up your Bitcoins.

3. Bitcoin ATM

Furthermore, crypto points of sale devices or Bitcoin ATMs allow people to buy Bitcoin and top up their wallets. Bitcoin ATMs accept cash payment; all you need to do is prepare some fiat money and visit the nearest Bitcoin machine to top up your wallet. These machines are often located in public places like business premises, shopping malls, and commercial areas.

So far, the Bitcoin ATM is one of the most simple and convenient ways to send Bitcoin to your wallet address; there are almost zero risks of being scammed. Safety is guaranteed as Bitcoin ATMs operate under strict KYC principles.